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£5bn commitment for first time buyers

"This commitment is not about paying lip service. It shows that we’re providing genuine solutions for people buying their first home. It’s important that we dispel some of the myths about first time buyer mortgages. People can buy a home with a 10% deposit, or even 5% through the NewBuy scheme."

"Getting things right at the bottom of the ladder has an important knock on effect throughout the chain. With our unrivalled commitment to affordable housing, new build through Halifax, and innovative products such as Lloyds TSB’s Lend a Hand, we’re not targeting our support at a select few, but making home ownership a reality for a whole generation of buyers."

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0 thoughts on “£5bn commitment for first time buyers

  1. Kelly Longfoot says:

    I have a 15% deposit not the greatest credit history but it was showing as excellent before I applied for a mortgage now has dropped to fair
    after applying. I have a secure job with a good income more than enough coming in to meet mortgage payments but am unable to get a mortgage and due to past history which stems from being in a bad relationship and my dad passing I made quite a few late payments but got myself back on track and other than a couple of late payments to a catalogue which was an oversite not inability to pay I fell I am being unfairly treated I have never missed a rent payment I want to invest in a house but am unable to