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Lloyds TSB 95% mortgage targets first-time buyers

This is almost £100 a month less than the industry’s average 90% mortgage rate of 5.98%. The legal charge means the parents retain ownership of their savings while earning a competitive fixed interest rate of 3.5%. It also lets Lloyds TSB lend to customers with less of a credit footprint, a common reason why many first-time buyers fail to qualify for a higher loan to value mortgage.

Using the example of a £100,000 property:
* A 95% LTV mortgage of £95,000 is provided by Lloyds TSB at a three-year fixed rate of 4.39% with a £995 fee. This is equivalent to Lloyds TSB’s best current 75% LTV rate
* £5000 is provided by the first-time buyer as a deposit for the property
* £20,000 is provided by parents, grandparents or friends and held in the Lloyds TSB ‘Lend a Hand’ savings account earning a fixed rate of 3.5% for 42 months.
* The combination of the contribution by the parents and the first time buyer must equal 25% of the property’s purchase price; of which the first-time buyer must provide a minimum of 5%.

At the end of the deal, if the combination of mortgage repayments and rising house prices has moved the mortgage from 95% to 90% LTV, the legal charge on the savings account can be removed and the first-time buyer can operate their mortgage account independently, either on Lloyds TSB’s standard variable rate, by switching products or remortgaging.

Stephen Noakes, Commercial Director of mortgages at Lloyds Banking Group, said: "First-time buyers are essential to returning the housing market back to good health because every first-time buyer helps, on average, four other households move.

"As the UK’s largest mortgage lender we’re committed to help first-time buyers onto the housing ladder and this includes finding innovative ways to lower the first rung so that it is within reach for more people.

"Market conditions mean virtually no 95% loan to value mortgages are available at the moment, while the few that are come at a high price with stringent credit requirements.

"The legal charge on the parents’ savings account means we can offset the risk of lending at this level to offer a realistic and affordable option for first-time buyers. It also gives parents a way of helping their children without actually having to write the cheque."

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One thought on “Lloyds TSB 95% mortgage targets first-time buyers

  1. M Edwards says:

    The problem is in a flat market or a falling market the chances of aquiring another 5% equity is slim so the guarantor may find their savings tied in the Lloyds account for a longer period than anticipated. If that is not an issue this could be worth considering.

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