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Mortgage market improves for first-time buyers

Louise Holmes, spokesperson for Moneyfacts.co.uk, said: "First-time buyers are often considered to be the life-blood of the housing market. As well as high mortgage rates, many borrowers have found it incredibly difficult to find funds for large deposits, often entirely beyond their financial capabilities.

"Higher loan-to-value mortgages have made a return to the market over recent months, suggesting lenders are taking positive steps to help the first-time buyer market. In fact there are currently 31 deals with 95% loan-to-values, an increase from just six deals in June 2009.

"These positive figures should offer some hope to those who dream of owning their own home."

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One thought on “Mortgage market improves for first-time buyers

  1. As much as there should be assistance for first time buyers – I can’t agree that 95% mortgages in the current financial climate are the way to go. Interest rates are going to rise sooner or later making repayment difficult for many. It also artificially props up house prices which given income levels, need a correction. Patience is the answer – not selling more debt – see http://www.ipinglobal.com/ipin-live/blog/354358/the-real-problem-with-the-housing-market

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