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Mortgage firm takes initiative with apply online facility

"Whilst the mortgage industry is suffering, it is the companies that use this time to develop their systems through innovation that will profit when the upturn comes.

"At this point not everyone will want to search and apply online, but a few years ago to book a flight you would go to a Travel Agent and to do your weekly shop you would visit a supermarket. It is now becoming more and more popular to shop and research online and I see the financial market following this trend."

Helen Pickford, Head of Administration at Mortgage27.co.uk said: "We have developed a fantastic administration system to help customers with their application, and see the mortgage through to completion. We have had very positive feedback from customers who love the freedom of the system, whilst knowing we are there if they need a hand with the process."

Sadler added: "It is an exciting time at Mortgage27.co.uk and we are looking forward to some more positive times in the mortgage market."

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