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First-time buying prompted most mortgage inquiries in 2009

The second most popular advice category was re-mortgaging, with an average of 32% of searches being made in this area in 2009. Across the year there was a spike in consumer mortgage inquiries in the first three quarters, when competitive mortgage deals were hard to come by, and inquiries stablised in the final quarter as the housing market has shown signs of recovery.  

Karen Barrett, Chief Executive of Unbiased.co.uk, said: "2009 was undoubtedly a volatile year, but it is encouraging to see that when there is turbulence in the housing market; consumers seek advice from the experts – as demonstrated from our Advice Driver statistics. However, it is essential that consumers continue to seek advice regardless of the state of the property market, to ensure they are making the best decisions for their individual circumstances."

Top 10 mortgage advice drivers in 2009:

1 First time 40%
2 Re-mortgage 32%
3 Residential 21%
4 Buy-to-let 12%
5 Equity release 7%
6 Sub-prime 7%

7 Self employed 5%
8 High loan to value3%
9 Flexible 3%
10 Commercial 2%
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