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Cash buyers are losing their grip on property market

However, in September this year, the situation began to change as the percentage of transactions carried out by cash buyers began to drop.

The percentage of residential property purchases paid for with cash decreased, falling to just 33% – compared to 35% in August.

David Brown, the commercial director of LSL Property Services said: "These figures suggest a recovery in the provision of mortgage finance in the UK.

"When the availability of finance dried up, the bottom dropped out of the UK market and the housing market crashed.

"The only buyers left in the game were those with cash in hand. They were looking to get their cash out of the banks and into property assets while they were at rock-bottom prices. From October 2007 that remained the status quo – until this autumn. 

"In September this year, things changed. The percentage of purchases made using cash is falling as lenders start to provide decent amounts of mortgage finance."

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