Risk of second wave of repossessions even greater

"Shelter has been working hard to help thousands of desperate homeowners keep their home by making sure they get the Government help they’re entitled to while negotiating a better deal with their lenders.

"But we can help those in trouble, especially if we intervene early, so it’s vital that anyone struggling seeks independent advice now to ensure they don’t drown in the second wave of repossessions."

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0 thoughts on “Risk of second wave of repossessions even greater

  1. James Baker

    If it’s any comfort to anyone, it’s worse in Spain (where I live). The second leg of the recession (after the global stimulus and monetary easing policies have worn off) is going to be particularly bad for Britain and Spain. Gordon Brown (and Zapatero) are lying – this bust is not about bankers’ bonuses it’s about the government-sponsored housing boom that preceded it.