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The Money Advice Service launches to give free, unbiased advice to all

The Money Advice Service aims to revolutionise the way people in the UK think about and manage their money. Research shows that if people feel in control of their finances they feel better off, have a greater sense of wellbeing, and are happier.

Gerard Lemos, Chairman of the Money Advice Service, said:

“The Money Advice Service is here to make people’s lives easier and better. I firmly believe we can all enjoy life more given the right money advice at the right time in the right way. We’re not here to sell people anything and we won’t charge anyone – we are here to help people take decisions about their money and plan for a better future for themselves and their families.”

Later this year, the Money Advice Service will launch an online health check, which will provide a personal action plan to help people identify their money priorities and make a plan for their financial future. A UK-wide campaign will also promote the Service and encourage everyone to foster good money habits and think differently about their money.

Graham Beale, Chief Executive, Nationwide Building Society said:

“The evolution of CFEB into the Money Advice Service is an important step in promoting a greater understanding of money and financial matters. Nationwide wholly supports this initiative and will play its own role to improve financial education and enable people to better manage their finances”.

The Money Advice Service will help people take the right financial decisions and act on them, by giving personalised advice online at moneyadviceservice.org.uk, over the phone on 0300 500 5000, and face-to-face across the UK through a national network.

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