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Shelter: get housing help before it’s too late

Last year, 247 households in Hertford alone were threatened with repossession. Experts predict 2009 will be even worse for homeowners across the county and across the country, with the Council of Mortgage Lenders forecasting 5000 repossessions this year. 

Shelter Hertfordshire service manager David Miller said: “At Shelter we know many people with housing problems often also need help with other issues. Sometimes it is hard to resolve one matter without getting help with another, and people would prefer to be advised by one service.

"Unfortunately, it seems that too many people still don’t know about the services and facilities Shelter is now providing, and are missing out as a result.

"Offering a range of specialist legal help under one roof makes the process much easier. So don’t put off getting advice any longer – make an appointment with Shelter today at our local surgery in Hertfordshire."

Besides housing, debt and welfare benefit advice, Shelter’s community care service gives legal and other casework to vulnerable groups such as children, old people and those with care and health needs.

Peter Nelson, Regional Director for the Legal Services Commission, which is funding the new services, said: "The LSC funds quality advice providers to improve access to justice, and help people resolve their problems early.

"Shelter’s new services in Hertfordshire is a great example of making advice more accessible to people in local communities – especially those who are hard to reach. People don’t experience categories of law, they experience linked up problems that need to be resolved together, and the new services aim to achieve this."

Shelter will now offer specialist legal advice on the following issues – community care, welfare Benefits and debt.

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