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Brits exposed as home insurance fraudsters

Of the six per cent however, almost one million admit they’d consider making a false claim – or had already done so – regardless of the ‘credit crunch’. Worryingly, almost 402,000 people with home insurance have already defrauded their home insurer by successfully making a false insurance claim.

Julie Owens, head of home insurance at moneysupermarket.com, said: "How worrying to see so many consumers believe it is acceptable to make a false or exaggerated claim on their home insurance. No matter how tempting, fabricating a claim for a pay out is not only wholly inadvisable but it is also illegal, and you could face being prosecuted as a result. "Faking it" certainly isn’t the way for recession-hit Brits to make ends meet. Perhaps people feel their dishonesty only impacts the insurer but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Insurance fraud of this nature increases the cost of premiums for honest Brits."

However, the research also found 15 per cent of Brits surveyed admit they don’t have home insurance, and of those that do nearly eighty per cent haven’t made a claim in the past five years. Of the 17.3 per cent who have successfully claimed in the last five years, four per cent have claimed once in the last two years, and two per cent have made more than one claim in the past year.

Julie Owens continued: "Its a surprise to see such a high number of home insurance policy holders haven’t claimed in the past five years. This may be because people don’t want to risk seeing their premiums rise, but Brits needs to remember that home insurance is there to safeguard against any unforeseen accidents or circumstances in the home, so shouldn’t be afraid to make use of the service if they need to. Those worried about the cost of their policy should consider shopping around to find the best deal to suit their circumstances. On average moneysupermarket.com can save you £131 on your annual home insurance policy."

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  1. kittycompare says:

    does this increase issue of home insurance fraud have anything to do with the credit crunch?. i wonder if people are less inclined to take out home insurance during a credit crunch – though not the best time as it may be when you need it most