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Cheaper to move now than 10 years ago

While the costs of services such as conveyancing (-10%), surveys (-24%) and removals (-15%) have decreased over the ten year period, and even with the additional cost of a HIP, the cost of moving is still lower than a decade ago.

In addition, the stamp duty holiday for properties under £175,000 that has been in place since September 2008 has added an extra saving for homemovers who have not had to pay the land tax.
Rosemary Rogers, Director, reallymoving.com said: "I’m sure homemovers will be delighted to hear that the cost of moving has decreased significantly over the past decade. This is mainly due to the increased competition amongst service providers and the reduced overheads that come with doing business online."

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0 thoughts on “Cheaper to move now than 10 years ago

  1. Major Landlord says:

    I don’t know what axe Rosemary Rogers is grinding (dioes she perhaps get a commission on HIPs sales?), but this article is not very helpful when everyone with any sense is campaigning against the continuation of HIPs.

    Lest anyone be in any confusion here, the difference with HIPs is they are an UPFRONT cost of moving, unlike the other costs mentioned. So the overall cost of selling/buying may have fallen, but that does nothing to alleviatev the terminal damage that HIPs did to the housing market BEFORE we knew anything about the credit crunch, recession etc. Ask any estate agent.

    If Ms Rogers has any role in the industry other than flogging HIPs, she has just shot herself in the foot, and the rest of us have been wounded by shrapnel. Engage brain before opening mouth . . .