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Assetz steps up campaign for accredited qualification

One of the main aims for PFG is to design and deliver an accredited property investment qualification for financial advisers, the training syllabus for which is currently being finalised.

The PFG is expected to have its first 100 advisers by the end of 2009 with an overall objective of 300 trained advisers nationwide by December 2010. Membership includes access to the training courses, latest property investment market information, and a license for the unique MyPortfolio software for retirement and financial planning through property.

Stuart Law, Chief Executive of Assetz, said: "We have formed, and now launched, the Property Focus Group in order to deliver education, skill and understanding of property investment into the financial adviser domain.

"The launch of the property investment training syllabus in January 2010 will be one of the first steps in helping to have the property investment sector regulated.

"Regulation on its own will not be enough and a comprehensive training course with corresponding qualification is the only way to bring better quality advice to investors and we intend to do this through regulated advisers in anticipation of regulation of this sector in due course."

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