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Third of adult children move back home with parents

Those in Northern Ireland the most enthusiastic (89%) about playing happy families, while parents in the East Midlands are the least happy about the situation, with almost a fifth (18%) saying they don’t enjoy living with their children again.

Tough economic times are a contributing factor in the number of people deciding to move back in with their parents.

More than one in 10 over 50s who have "put up" their adult children again after they first left home did so to help their children out in times of financial difficulties. A further 17% have provided accommodation for their adult children following a divorce or separation.

Andrew Goodsell, Executive Chairman, Saga Group, said: "It is good to see that you can always depend on your parents in times of emotional and economic difficulty.

"But don’t forget the financial implications of moving home, such as the cost of food and energy bills and any increase in insurance cover that maybe needed for extra valuables in the home."

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