Council tax overhaul to punish middle-class homeowners

Director Michael O’Flynn said: "We are in the grip of a Recession and much of middle England is already struggling to pay the bills, with unemployment expected to hit three million next year.

"It is shocking that the Government, instead of finding ways to help hard-working families, is instead secretly planning massive tax rises to help fill the black hole of public debt.

"Council tax bills are already a huge millstone for many people and now is not the time to increase them using this absurd method."

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0 thoughts on “Council tax overhaul to punish middle-class homeowners

  1. Geoff Hanson

    Absurd is the word – but as usual stories based on rumour. Anyway, the revolt that it will cause will mean it won’t happen – remember road pricing, fox hunting etc etc??? Best if we all become MP’s at the next election and claim it back…….