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Bin taxes consigned to the scrapheap

Local Government Ministers will confirm that primary legislation this autumn will remove the bin tax laws from the statute books. Meanwhile, Environment Ministers have axed the funding for ‘pilot’ schemes for the bin taxes. Under the bin tax laws, once a pilot scheme had been introduced, it could be rolled out across the country without a substantive vote in Parliament.

Secretary of State Eric Pickles said:

"Bin taxes would have harmed the local environment by fuelling fly-tipping and backyard burning. It would have created a new army of municipal bin police and forced families to lock up their bins at night. These taxes are now being consigned to the political scrapheap."

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman, said:

"The new Government wants to make it easier for people to go green and increase their recycling. Rather than punishing struggling families with new taxes and fines, we will be supporting innovative schemes, like those introduced in Windsor and Maidenhead, which reward people for recycling and doing the right thing."

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