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Two-thirds of Britons proud of their region

The research, undertaken among 2000 UK adults, also reveals that:

* The comforts of the home and loved ones give the greatest sense of regional pride;
* Those in the North East are proudest of their region;
* Brits prefer the comfort of their own home to weekends spent in shops or pubs.

The findings are released as part of the Halifax Home Insurance Peace of Mind Campaign, which has delved into the minds of Brits to determine where the strongest sense of pride is in the country, as well as the factors that contribute to this.

According to the research, published in the second report, "Home Is Where Our Hearts Are" the top five aspects giving Brits this sense of pride for where they live are:

* It’s where their home and loved ones are (60%);
* They feel safe in the area (47%);
* There is easy access to good amenities (37%);
* It’s an area rich in history and tradition (24%)
* A strong sense of community spirit (24%)

Martyn Foulds, senior claims manager at Halifax Home Insurance said: "In difficult times, it’s heartening to see the strength of pride that we have for where we live. Living in an area that is safe and has a great sense of community spirit, where everyone looks out for each other, are important reasons why people feel this sense of pride.

"Recent Government figures have shown a significant number of us do enjoy living in our local area and believe that our neighbours really do look out for each other, which is particularly positive and something we hope to see continue."

When comparing these feelings regionally, those that live North East have the strongest sense of regional pride, with nearly three quarters of those in the region (73%) feeling proud about where they live.

This is followed quickly by the Welsh (71%) and those in Northern Ireland (69%). Those in the East Midlands have the lowest sense of pride for the area, with fewer than half (45%) having strong feelings for the region.

Interestingly, when planning their next home move, the top factor for choosing where to live is safety, with more than a third of us saying that making sure an area feels safe is top on their priority list (36%).

But wherever they are, it appears that home really is where the heart is; almost two-thirds (65%) of those polled opt to stay in the comfort of their own homes at weekends rather than going away or venturing out to neighbours’ houses, the local pub or shopping centre.

Foulds said: "Not only is safety in an area a top reason for feeling ‘regional pride’, it is also top on the priority for most people when deciding where to live. Being able to enjoy your home and surroundings is a hugely important factor, so we urge people to be aware of taking every step possible to ensure their homes and families are well protected."

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