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BBC goes back to “The Estate”

Silla will return to the Wolsley Road flats to seek the help of the Plymouth residents and ask them to join her in her mission, to pass on what they’ve learnt, and to try to inspire and galvanise residents of a new estate.

The series commissioned by Daytime Controller Liam Keelan.

He said: "The first series of The Estate We’re In proved a hit with viewers and critics alike, winning a Broadcast and RTS award.

"It gets right to the heart of an issue which people care passionately about and I’m delighted to commission this new series."

In this second series Silla returns to take on another estate blighted by anti-social behaviour and neglect in an attempt to inspire the residents to stand up and fight to change their home and community, and help make a difference to their lives.

Last year Silla’s efforts at the Wolsley Road Flats in Plymouth saw her help foster a new sense of community spirit.

This time its not just local government that Silla takes on, as she will try and go right to the top by trying to persuade Government ministers to back her ideas for change.

Finally, the series follows Silla as she and her team track down all manner of local businesses and persuade them to donate their time and resources to her project.

The series is due to be broadcast in Spring 2010.

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