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Top ten tips on things to watch out for whilst the sun is shining

Property maintenance and refurbishment company, aspect.co.uk, provides an all-encompassing property maintenance service to customers in both the domestic and commercial sectors. This is a boon for people who have neither the time nor expertise to undertake small jobs for themselves, or find the hassle of sourcing reliable tradespeople too time-consuming and tedious.

Here, aspect.co.uk suggests some things to look out for during the summer months which, if tackled now, mean you and your property will be all secure:

1.       As the summer progresses, wasps become more of a nuisance.  Keep them away from your food with citronella candles, and keep an eye out for nests – you’re likely to find them in the eaves of your house, or in wooden window frames. If you do find a nest, do not attempt to deal with it yourself but call in the experts.

2.       Wooden garden furniture needs looking after year round, but especially so in long dry spells which will make varnish peel and bleach the wood.  Treat your furniture with teak or linseed oil on a regular basis and it will look good all year long.

3.       Decking, whilst durable and good-looking, also needs its beauty treatment.  Scrub it down with a specialist cleaning product and rinse well. Then, just as with furniture, apply a light coat of suitable oil. This will help your decking resist wear and tear and looking like new.

4.       Weeds proliferate in summer months.  Keep paths and gravelled areas clear with a fortnightly dose of a weed clearing preparation.

5.       With energy prices rocketing, check the hot water settings on your boiler. You will probably find that you can cut down the hours the boiler runs by at least 50 percent.

6.       It’s at this time of year that you may notice your external paintwork is looking a bit tired.  Get a reputable decorator round to give you a quote – and get the job done before the autumn!

7.       Is your roof going to stand up to the winter? Call in an expert and get some advice.

8.       If your house isn’t already properly insulated, now’s the time to contact your local authority and see what grants are available for this vital home improvement.

9.       Go through every place where your clothes are stored and check for moths. If you find any evidence at all, remove every piece of clothing from that location and either wash or have them dry-cleaned.

10.     Clear out the loft! If you haven’t used things in there since this time last year, it’s time for them to go.

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  1. Well we have had another damp summer over here in the U.K. and that means being careful when on the decking as too much damp weather can cause the wooden planks to become slimey. This is the main reason for giving the decking a good scrub every now and then. Some use pressure washers and that is ok as long as the pressure is turned down.

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