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It’s not too early to organise accommodation for the 2012 Olympics

Visit London estimates that approximately 5.5 million day visitors will come to London for the Games. In addition, it also expects to see approximately 500,000 overnight visitors (both domestic and international). 

London will have over 100,000 hotel rooms available. In addition, availability will be boosted with other less traditional forms of accommodation such as like hostels, halls of residence and campsites.

But inevitably there will be intense competition for the best offerings and there is mounting concern from agents and operators that there will be a shortage of rooms available.

LOCOG has booked out 40 per cent of all the hotels in central London for officials, sponsors and media, and many of London’s premium hotels are reporting that they are already full. With luxury accommodation in short supply, visitors will have to begin looking for alternatives to hotels during the Games next year.

Joanna Doniger, founder of Accommodate London, comments:

“With ticket confirmations coming through, people are now turning their minds to the logistics of their visit. We would advise that anyone visiting from out of London starts looking into accommodation, transport and activities as soon as possible to ensure the best availability.  Prices may be steep now, but they will only increase nearer the time.

“There will be a flurry of booking activity over the next few weeks for hotels, B&B’s and rentals, particularly those that are close to the Olympic sites and on good transport links, such as those near the  Central and Circle & District tube line stations.

“If visitors are looking to stay for a week or longer and are coming as a family or group, a home rental will offer better value for money, more privacy and a more personal experience,” adds Joanna.

“It’s not too early for London homeowners to consider renting their homes.  The best properties in the best locations can command up to £1,500 per night for houses with four bedrooms or more. Even so, each property should be valued independently and the rental rate should be based on location, size, quality of interior finish and available facilities such as home technology.”

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