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Upstairs, downstairs Britain: One in seven Brits hires domestic help

Almost a quarter (24 per cent) of those who pay for domestic help admit to doing so because they simply “don’t like doing domestic chores”. For others it’s a question of convenience, as almost a third (31 per cent) employ domestic help because they don’t have time to complete the tasks themselves, rising to nearly half (48 per cent) for those aged 18-34.

According to the research, one of the most sought-after domestic workers are cleaners, employed by around 2.5 million people in the UK, which accounts for around a third of all hired help. Nearly a third (64 per cent) of these Brits employs their cleaner to come in at least once a week. Gardeners are equally as popular, and are also employed by 2.5 million Brits who are reluctant to get their hands dirty.

With more and more parents returning to the rat race within a year of having children, nannies, once the preserve of the upper classes, have now become an integral member of the family for around 500,000 parents.

Perhaps reflecting a reluctance or inability to complete many basic household tasks, the research also reveals that around one million Britons currently employ a handyman to carry out basic DIY tasks, whilst a further 500,000 admit to hiring someone to help out with laundry and ironing.

Martin Scott, head of Churchill Home Insurance, said: “Even in these difficult times, house-proud Britons are finding the extra cash to help keep their homes pristine. With millions of people working long hours, employing domestic help is increasingly seen as a necessity to ensure a good work-life balance.”

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