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South East sees largest gain from population movements in UK

London’s population has risen by a net 370,000 over the last decade, despite net migration to the suburbs and elsewhere. This was because the capital has seen by far the biggest level of net international migration with 1.8 million more people moving to London from abroad than have moved from the capital to live outside the UK. London also saw the second largest level of internal immigration with 1.6 million people relocating to the capital from elsewhere in the UK.

At the same time, almost two million people moved out of the capital to live in other parts of the country during the ten years to 2007.  This was the biggest number to move away from any of the 12 UK regions to live elsewhere in the UK.
London recorded the biggest increase in population between 1998 and 2007.

The North East (-26,000) and North West (-27,000) were the only UK regions to see an overall decline in their population.

Martin Ellis, Halifax chief economist, said: "There have been significant population movements across the UK over the past ten years. Regions in southern England saw the largest gain from internal migration with the South East proving the most popular region for people to move to from elsewhere in the UK."

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