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Is construction the stuff of poetry?

Poetry encompasses a huge variety of literary styles, from limericks and lyrics to Shakespearean sonnets and "concrete" poetry. It’s a broad church – as broad as the construction industry and CIOB itself – so they’re not setting any limits or guidelines on what they’re looking for.

So if you have experienced a moment of poetic inspiration why not share it with them to celebrate National Poetry Day.

Please email suggestions of published work or your own work to ciobevents@ciob.org.uk by the 5th of October.  They will publish a selection of poems on the CIOB website on the 7th of October.

CIOB Terms and Conditions

•If you are submitting a poem of your own composition, you agree for this poem to be published with full credit to the author on the CIOB website and Construction Manager magazine and website.
•We cannot guarantee that by sending us a poem of your own composition, that it will be published.
•We cannot publish any poems in full that have been authored by another person, without their prior consent.
•When submitting your poem, please tell us if you are a CIOB member.
•By participating in our National Poetry Day promotion, you consent to your data being processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. The data will be stored for the purposes of service and administration in association with this scheme. The CIOB processes all personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. No details will be passed to third parties for use.

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