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Dannii Minogue’s riverside pad for sale

The 754 sq ft property is located in Trade Tower, Coral Row at Plantation Wharf and has two double bedrooms, dual aspect reception room and open plan kitchen, en-suite shower and according to Dannii:

“When I was working late into the evening with the X-Factor, it was great to be able to crash in this little haven of mine. It has views across Westminster and the City. I could see London twinkling all around me. I’ve got so many happy memories of entertaining here.”

The paper says she bought the property in 1997. So, a quick look at the Sold Prices section on Zoopla.co.uk shows that in 1997 nine properties were sold in the same block ranging in price from £520,000 to £120,000. We’re not exactly sure which is hers, but the average of these nine purchase prices is £206,000 which means, if she sold at the asking of £550,000 she could be set to make in the region £344,000 (excluding fees) on her riverside flat.

Here’s the full property details http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/11385125

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0 thoughts on “Dannii Minogue’s riverside pad for sale

  1. chris newman says:

    The last paragraph of this article is completely pointless. Based on these figures her “profit” could be anything from £30,000 – £430,000 less expenses. Why bother trying to guess when your predictions could be so wildly out and who is interested in her “profit” anyway?!