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Rogue tenants exposed on TV’s ‘Nightmare Tenants’

In the programme to be aired on Thursday 26th August 2010 at 7.30pm, Landlord Action Founder, Paul Shamplina, will be commenting on a number of ongoing cases where landlords are owed thousands of pounds relating to unpaid rent and also be trying to expose these ‘rogue’ tenants in front of the camera to the nation.

Shamplina said: “From dealing with thousands of cases over our ten years of trading we have seen a huge increase in the last 18 months of landlords instructing us to carry out an eviction on their tenants who have not been paying the rent. This is mainly due to the recession as we have seen more amateur landlords enter the market who may not have the knowledge about buy-to-let and have therefore not done their tenant checks properly, opening themselves up to these potential problems.”

As well as this, Paul says that there are problems with regards to the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) system with tenants keeping the rent. “Under current laws payments are made direct to the tenant and we have also seen a rise in possession actions against tenants who have withheld rent and not passed it on to the landlord.”

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