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Brits lack confidence to ‘grow your own’

However, budding ‘grow your own-ers ‘ can now get a confidence boost and gain the skills to cultivate their land from the Soil Association, who are launching 300 Organic Farm School courses over the next two years, with support from the Daylesford Foundation.

The Organic Farm School offers hands-on courses in growing your own food, rearing animals, cooking and rural crafts. Participants will learn practical skills direct from organic farmers, growers and producers with personal experience. Courses include bee-keeping, chicken keeping, vegetable growing, cider making, bread baking, willow weaving, hedge laying and many others.

Patrick Holden, Soil Association director, said:

“The Organic Farm School is about relearning skills which are vital to becoming more self-sufficient. In the recession this will not only be cheaper but it’s healthier for you and the environment too. I think one of life’s greatest pleasures is eating food that you’ve produced yourself.

“My vision for the Organic Farm School is that it enables and inspires a whole generation of young people to acquire these vitally important skills from the very best practitioners – the farmers and growers themselves.”

Monty Don, Soil Association president, said:

“The Soil Association’s Organic Farm School is a fantastic opportunity for anyone to come and learn skills from the experts. Each course is an enjoyable day out on an organic farm and a chance to experience the rich satisfaction of country life.”

The Soil Association hopes to reach over 3,000 individuals with the Farm Schools – from young families and gardening newbies, to allotmenteers and wannabe smallholders – encouraging a reconnection of urban and rural. The courses are not only a fun day out on an organic farm, they offer a chance to rediscover the precious knowledge of our grandparents.

Whether you want to skill up and make that step towards making your life more sustainable, learn how to live closer to the land, or get inspired and try something out as a possible career option, the Organic Farm School has the right course for you.

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