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Mayfair pad ‘too small for us’ say squatters

The leader of the group Dan Price said:

‘Its nice, with 25 big rooms and high ceilings but the size of this place is too small. We need a big place we can do up.’

The arty group spend their days painting in the buildings which have been empty since 2004.

It appears they can stay legally as they entered the properties through an open door. The buildings owners the Mexican and Tanzania governments will need court orders to remove them.

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0 thoughts on “Mayfair pad ‘too small for us’ say squatters

  1. PoshSquatter says:

    Hihihi, just a few corrections – it’s Dan Simon, not Dan Price. And the Mexican and Tanzanian governments were former tenants who moved out in 2004. The buildings are actually owned by an aristocratic English family.

  2. Editor says:

    Thanks PoshSquatter, we’re happy to set the record straight!