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Met Office climate guide for gardeners at Hampton Court

Our climate is changing, and for many gardeners the first evidence of this can already be seen in gardens across the UK. Seasons are already changing, milder winters and the early onset of spring have lengthened the growing season. This trend is predicted to continue in the future, so lawns will have to be mown all year round and it should make it easier to grow soft fruits like peaches and grapes.

Pete Gibbs, Met Office Broadcast Meteorologist at the BBC, said: “At RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, we’re dispelling some of the myths of climate change, so people can be really clear about what is fact and what is fiction.

“By drawing attention to some of the changes we will experience in our gardens and in our lives, we aim to give people a reliable picture of the impacts so they can prepare for the future”.

Met Office climate scientists will be on hand in the ‘Garden Energy’ interactive feature garden to discuss the facts and fiction of climate change and advise on what our changing climate will mean to gardens and our lives. All you need to know about climate change is outlined in the Essential guide that will be available at the show.

Visitors can present a typical forecast for today and the future from the Met Office TV studio. The forecast will show just how much climate change will affect the UK’s weather in the future due to our actions today.

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