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New green gardening website for ‘The Good Life’

However, three out of five are crying out for gardening tips and advice on environmentally friendly gardening. To help, Yorkshire Bank and the National Trust, have launched www.ukgreenergardens.com, a website to encourage greener gardening.

Award-winning garden designer and broadcaster, Chris Beardshaw is throwing his weight behind the Greener Gardens campaign and is helping to launch the website.

Chris Beardshaw, spokesman for the campaign, said:

‘There is real and great passion amongst garden owners to create beautiful, rewarding and stimulating spaces that are created with a green conscience. What is clear is that so many people lack the confidence, knowledge and support to transform their gardens and so the ‘greener gardening’ advice is essential if we are to ensure that opportunities are not missed.’

‘In offering advice and knowledge it becomes possible to demystify the processes of green gardening and prove that a great green garden delivers essential rewards for gardeners and wildlife alike’

The site offers easy to follow hints and tips to gardeners and if followed, the initiatives could save homeowners money and help them reduce their carbon footprint, if all UK home owners were to grow their own fruit and vegetables they could save themselves over £6 billion a year*.

There are many simple and effective steps Britain’s gardeners can take to make their gardens environmentally friendly, such as growing their own fruit and vegetables, installing a water butt to collect rain water, making their own compost and avoiding buying compost containing peat; making habitats for wildlife or even creating a wormery; which is a great way to recycle kitchen waste if there’s no room for a compost heap.  The survey revealed that 64 per cent of people believe that providing home composting kits and free garden waste collection schemes would encourage people to be more eco-friendly in their gardens.

Mike Calnan, Head of Gardens and Parks at the National Trust, said:

‘We’re very pleased to launch www.ukgreenergardens.com we’re sure it’s going to be a great success. From the research that Yorkshire Bank has undertaken, there’s a real indication that people need straightforward advice on easy to implement eco-friendly initiatives. This website is a great resource for people wanting to be greener in their garden.’

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