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London tenants call the shots with rental bargains

Tenants are now frequently seeking assurances over the financial stability of their landlord. They are also demanding long-term contracts of a year or more with no break clause, to lock the landlord into low rents for as long as possible.  

Lynn Hilton, Partner for Residential Lettings at Cluttons, said: "London tenants have been quick to take advantage of their position over landlords. With so many rental properties on the market, they are happy to look elsewhere if landlords don’t accept their terms.

"Over the last few months it has become commonplace for tenants to question the financial security of the landlord, over concerns that the financial climate might lead to them defaulting on their mortgage. This perception of potentially high-risk landlords is another factor leading to many rental expectations being adjusted.

"Tenant preference for long-term deals is also a new feature of the market.

"Traditionally, tenants have preferred not to be tied in to a property for too long, giving themselves the option to give notice after the initial six months, but currently landlords are the ones being locked into long-term tenancy agreements as tenants look to take advantage of low rent levels."

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One thought on “London tenants call the shots with rental bargains

  1. Paul Long says:

    It is also interesting to note that in some areas the type of property in demand has also changed this year with more tenants looking for a houses than flats – in the past the demand for 1 and 2 bed flats has always been very high but now it seems that the type of tenant who has always gone for this type property might be putting things on hold.

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