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DPS web scam warning to Tenants

They are then asked to send a scanned copy of the transaction receipt to the ‘landlord’ as proof that they have enough money to rent the property.

However, the receipt contains enough information for the criminals to collect the money before the victim’s friend or relative can do so.

The DPS, the only custodial tenancy deposit protection scheme accredited by the Government, advises all tenants to ask their landlords how their deposit is protected and recommends that anyone in doubt should seek advice immediately as to whether their funds are at risk.

Kevin Firth, director of the DPS, said:

“For peace of mind tenants can ring the DPS on 0870 707 1707 to find out whether their landlord is registered and their deposit protected. Landlords who fail to register a deposit face being fined up to three times the value of their deposit.

“Tenants should only transfer money to reputable landlords who can prove they are registered with an approved tenancy deposit scheme so it is important that you double check – ideally they should meet the landlord first and view the property before handing over any cash”.

If you have already transferred money, the DPS recommends you seek legal advice.The Deposit Protection Service is the only custodial tenancy deposit protection scheme accredited by the Government. It is provided free of charge, and funded entirely by the interest earned from deposits held in the scheme.

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  1. tony altman says:

    this scheme was always going to cause more problems than it solved this is just one more example

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