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Home is where the heart is

Here the people at propertypropertyproperty.co.uk look at some important factors when choosing the right rental home.

Often rental price of the property per calendar month (pcm) can determine where you live. This shouldn’t restrict you to certain areas though. First of all a budget needs to be worked out to see how much money is available to pay rent fees, from here, extensive research needs to be carried out to find the most suitable living quarters. Speak to estate agents, visit properties in person and use the internet to find the most suitable property. Even though you are not purchasing the property you should still want to live there and have that emotional connection that makes you want to live there.

The Property
When viewing a rental property an observant eye is essential to spot any flaws in the property. Does the property have central heating? Is there damp in the property? Is the property fully or part furnished? Problems such as damp can have dramatic health effects especially on young children, so check spots of the property which are prone to damp (windows and exterior walls are areas of a property most susceptible to damp). Along with interior research of the property, extensive research into the security of the property must be undertaken. Ask questions of both estate agents and landlords regarding the history of the property. Has it been broken into previously? Is the area known for high crime rate? Using postcode data introduced online by the Police, residents are now able to view Police data with regards to crime rates and types of crimes committed in specific locations of the country.

Location is vital to accommodate employment and schooling, so again do your research. For those choosing to rent in London consider the distance from tube and bus links. If in close proximity to public transport links this may increase the rental value of the property but will allow for an easy commute to work or school. If you’re commuting to work using your own transport ensure parking facilities are included with the property as on street parking may be restricted.

Added Expenses
Older properties for instance may not be as energy efficient compared to a new build, therefore gas and electricity bills may result in been more expensive than originally accounted for. Most new builds are fitted with double glazing as standard ensuring more heat is contained within the property and not escaping from any ransacked wooden window frames. Unless something is broken, landlords tend not to make drastic changes, so don’t be afraid to ask the question.

The Right Home
After extensive research has been done and you’ve finally found the right home then the time to relax and add those personal touches is here. Consult with your landlord what can be done in terms of decorating or hanging decorative pieces, then from here you can really begin to enjoy your life in your new home.

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