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South-East tenants ‘most likely to damage property’

More than half of the disputes in the South East (52%) were the result of tenants damaging the property. More than a third (36%) were due to the property not being cleaned – while the rest concerned poor repair of the garden.

The North East saw the second highest level of disputes (15%), followed by the South West (12%), North West (11%) and
West Midlands (11%).

London is the worst area when the analysis is broken down into cities, followed by Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne and York.

Kevin Firth, director of The DPS, said: “Exasperated landlords have sent us all sorts of complaints about tenants – from vomit on the carpets to carpets vanishing completely.

“One landlord discovered that his property was being used as a brothel – while we have had several unsuspecting landlords whose properties have been transformed into cannabis factories.

“The introduction of a dispute resolution service has been one of the real successes of the Government’s tenancy deposit legislation – ensuring that these differences are sorted out fairly.

“It is important to remember, however, that the number of disputes that do arise between landlords and tenants is relatively small.”

The Deposit Protection Service currently manages £250million of live deposits, equating to more than 329,000 separate deposits.

Around 250 new landlords and agents sign up to the service every day.

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