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Landlords miss out by not meeting tenants

More than half of tenants asked said they would rather meet the landlord, while just over a third said that they were indifferent, highlighting the obvious advantages for landlords to liaise with tenants directly.

James Davis, CEO of Upad and hands-on landlord of 14 years said: "From our research, it appears that honesty and obtaining direct answers is of the utmost importance to potential tenants so it makes perfect sense for landlords to self-manage and hold viewings themselves.

"Landlords who are not doing this are simply missing out."

To further demonstrate the sentiment, Upad asked their tenants exactly why they prefer one over the other.

While one pro-agent tenant said: "Agents are probably more objective about the property they are showing", the majority of tenant comments in the survey revealed a pro-landlord attitude.

One tenant stated: "It is the landlord’s property and therefore he or she is more likely to know the finer details about the house than the agent who is simply there to do a job.

"Landlords are more honest with you and you don’t feel like you are being constantly pitched or sold to. A landlord is more likely to tell it like it is.

"I don’t believe agents are always truthful and because agents only care about the money I believe landlords are better – they actually care about keeping good tenants."

Davis said: "The data speaks for itself and it’s important that UK landlords listen to what tenants want. By cutting out the middle man and dealing directly with tenants, landlords have full control, enabling them to build trust and secure long-lasting relationships with their tenants."

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2 thoughts on “Landlords miss out by not meeting tenants

  1. Archer says:

    As an agent I would accept that Landlords can often sell their own property better. Also of course, agents are there to sell ALL of the properties they have, so they have to be balanced in case the people decide they want something else. However we are covered as Estates Agents under the Estate Agents Act in terms of not mis-representing a property, and so are often unlikely to embellish the truth like many landlords will. In theory Landlords could also be covered under the Property Misdescriptiion Act, especially if they own more than one rental proeprtyy, but they are very unlikely to do so. I have heard stories from several tenants where Landlords have clearly lied about information they have given.

  2. I like to meet prospective new tenants at their home, there’s always a good excuse, e.g. to fill in an application form with them. Seeing how they live is very important to me, as is half an hour or so in their environment so we can get to know each other.

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