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Tackle rogue landlords, Shelter urges Government

Despite the Government’s assurances, Shelter says that rogue landlords are still cashing in on the high demand for rented homes, and trapping families in squalid and sometimes dangerous conditions.

Shelter wants the Housing Minister to take five steps to tackle landlords who break the law:

– Tougher sentencing for criminal landlords: increasing the maximum penalty for ignoring a court order to improve conditions from £5,000 to £20,000.
– A rogue landlord prosecution fund: earmarking money to help councils get tough on landlords blighting their area
– New protection for brave tenants: safeguard tenants from being evicted in retaliation for whistleblowing.
– An online landlord conviction database: a new website listing all convicted landlords to help tenants avoid criminal landlords.
– A rogue landlord summit convened by the Housing Minister to create a clear action plan to protect tenants.
Campbell Robb, Shelter’s Chief Executive said: ‘Renting is no longer simply a stop gap for young people before they get on the housing ladder. More and more families are bringing up children in privately rented homes, and many have to take a chance on the first place they can afford.

‘This high demand is a golden opportunity for rogue landlords who are exploiting the desperation of people looking for a home, and leaving them trapped in houses that fail to meet basic living standards and, in some cases, put lives at risk.

‘For families in particular, the shortage of rented homes, together with the upheaval to family life, means that many are too scared to challenge bad landlords for fear of eviction. This means that increasingly, it’s children who are suffering at the hands of this rogue minority.

‘That’s why it’s never been more important that we root out the small but dangerous minority of rogue landlords who are making people’s lives a misery and bringing good landlords into disrepute. National government must now finally take action, as promised in the Housing Strategy.

‘We also need to see strong action from local authorities, who must use every weapon in their armoury to enforce the law and get tough in stamping out criminal behaviour.

‘We must make renting fit for purpose for the growing numbers of families who are searching for a safe and stable home in which their children can thrive.’

Peter Girling, Chairman of Girlings Retirement Rentals said:

“Shelter’s call to the government to tackle rogue landlords who supply dangerous and poorly maintained homes should be applauded. Last year, there was a shocking 86,000 complaints from tenants living in substandard accommodation and 15,000 of those were repeat complaints.  

Shelter is right – the government needs to take a tough stance on private landlords who break the law. However, we urge tighter regulation of all private landlords and the enforcement of  the laws that already exist concerning the quality and standards of private rental accommodation that need to be met.  Currently, these laws are not enforced so Landlords are getting away with providing substandard or even squalid accommodation and giving the whole industry a bad name.

Girlings belongs to  The Association of Residential Lettings Agency (ARLA) – a professional body that has a strict code of conduct and is campaigning for lettings agents to be regulated in order to raise standards and get rid of rogue landlords.  All private landlords should be required sign up to ARLA but more importantly local authorities need to be prepared take action and enforce regulation, good practice and compliance. Only, then will we weed out these rogues.

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One thought on “Tackle rogue landlords, Shelter urges Government

  1. scottavinabeer says:

    And who will tackle rogue tenants? Rogue tenants must outnumber rogue landlords by at least 100 / 1 and which charity is standing up for landlords rights? The law is an ass when it comes to dealing with rogue tenants and Shelter will always bleat on about tenant being “victims”. Shelters mission statement should be “forget about paying rent so long as you have your money for bingo & ciggies”.

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