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Top tips for landlords to minimise rent arrears

Bank on it
Ask potential tenants for at least three months’ worth of bank statements so you can see their salary going into their account and have evidence that they’ve been paying their rent regularly. Bank statements will also give you an idea of how
affordable they will find the rent that they will be paying you.

Work it out
Obtain an employer’s reference in writing and don’t take it as read that the reference is current. Google the company for the phone number (don’t rely on being given it by the tenant) and call your prospective tenant’s employer to confirm that the company exists and, equally importantly, that they are still an employee.

Get a reputation
Speak to your prospective tenant’s previous landlord/s to establish whether they were a reliable tenant; an invaluable way of flagging issues that could be hiding around the corner.

Vote of confidence
Check the electoral roll to confirm that the tenant has given you an accurate previous address. This can show that they’ve not been trying to avoid being liable for council tax and also helps to confirm whether a reference from a previous landlord is current and genuine (in the event that you’re unable to speak to them directly).

Passport to a trouble-free tenancy
Ask the prospective tenant for a copy of their passport and visa, if required. This not only helps confirm their identity, but also whether they can legally remain in the country for the entire period of the tenancy.

Guarantee any doubts
If you are uncertain that the tenants will be in a position to pay their rent every month for the term of the tenancy, secure a UK-based guarantor who will then be liable to pay the rent, should the tenant default.

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