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Britain ‘less neighbourly’ due to renting

Some 28% of people in rented accommodation admit they have never introduced themselves to their neighbours, compared with just 12% of homeowners. Furthermore, while almost two-thirds (64%) of homeowners know their neighbours’ names, the same applies to just 39% of renters.

Almost half (49%) of homeowners have been inside their neighbours’ home compared to just 28% of renters while almost a third (32%) of homeowners have lent something to their neighbours versus 19% of renters.

Almost one in five (19%) homeowners offer to help their neighbours while they are away by feeding pets, watering plants or clearing post, twice the proportion of renters (8%).

Stuart Beattie, Head of Secured Lending, at HSBC said: "The difficulty in taking a step onto the property ladder for many first-time buyers has meant that many are remaining in rented accommodation for longer. However, just because you do not own your own home does not mean that you cannot get to know those living around you."

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