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Negligent landlords given eviction warning

Attending to maintenance issues is a landlord’s obligation, regardless of whether the tenant is withholding rent.

Ignoring such issues can cause greater problems further down the line.

Shamplina advises landlords to have a reputable service provider with a clear paper trail that details the repairs that have been carried out.

He said: "It is not uncommon for tenants in rent arrears to use maintenance issues to counterclaim as a delaying tactic in court in order to stay in the property for longer, rent free."

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3 thoughts on “Negligent landlords given eviction warning

  1. I couldnt agree more. I spent many years prosecuting landlords for harasment and illegal eviction. All of them could have been avoided if the landlord had just played things by the book. It ends up costing more and taking 10 times as long. The explosion of buy to let landlords has really seen anincrease in these problems because they dont understand what they are getting into

  2. Simon Ellis says:

    Any landlord who has broken health and safey legislation should be immediately excluded from the lists of local authorities and housing associations. By stopping any further tenant referrals the message will be clearly given that only housing of acceptable standards will be used.

  3. However, from the landlords side, especially smaller private landlords, current legislation can make it very hard to quickly evict a tenant that is not paying or seriously damaging the property or both.

    As most ‘buy to let’ landlords operate on very low (or negative) margins, the process needs to allow them to quickly remove problem tenants. There is a very small minority who will actively play the system to get 6 months rent free accommodation.

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