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More support for tenants and homeowners in South West

The Manifesto which is being launched at the CIH South West housing event in Torquay from 1-3 April acknowledges that housing in the region still remains in crisis with house prices 10 times the average income, one in every 15 families on the waiting list for accommodation and mortgage repossessions on the rise as a result of the credit crunch.

To alleviate this situation Manifesto 2 proposes:

* Continuation of the Government’s short-term Mortgage Rescue Scheme to help existing owners to remain in their own home and to offer stability for vulnerable households;
* Reverse equity scheme which allows social landlords to buy a small stake in an existing owner’s home until such time as they can pay it back;
* Incentives to landlords to provide or arrange support to help people get work, tackling long-term unemployment for future generations in the South West;
* Tackling climate change in the SW to ensure that the Government’s "green homes" target of 75% is met by 2015;
* Help for rural housing in the region through greater investment to create mixed rural communities that support businesses, families and older people.

CIH SW Manifesto 1 which was published in 2006 to highlight the need for more affordable housing and to lobby for greater investment in housing in the South West achieved recognition and results. Government investment in housing in the region increased to £826million from 2008 to 2011, an extra £37million, and in the South West Regional Strategy it was recognised that an additional 29,623 homes are needed in the region.

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