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Tenants want more involvement in housing management

Ipsos MORI were commissioned last September to carry out extensive qualitative research, discussion groups and in-depth interviews with tenants in social housing, including those currently living in supported housing. They were asked a wide range of questions on involvement including: how much they wanted to be involved in housing management; what they wanted in terms of involvement; what method of involvement was of most interest and what were the main concerns/barriers to involvement.

Key report findings include:

* Tangible link between satisfaction and involvement in general;
* Tenants who have a good relationship with their providers are likely to feel empowered and involved;
* Many tenants expressed an interest in being more involved in housing management but they also questioned the influence their own involvement could have, leading some to be indifferent towards involvement opportunities;
* Minority of tenants did not get involved because they were already satisfied with the service they were receiving. This represents the success of service provision and not a failure on the part of housing providers to get local tenants involved in decision making;
* There is a "ceiling" on how many tenants will realistically get involved. While tenants are generally interested in being involved in housing management, housing providers also need to be realistic about how involved tenants actually want to be.

Phil Morgan, TSA Executive Director, Tenant Services, said: "I welcome the report and its findings as the TSA is committed to tenant involvement to ensure tenants have a greater say in how their homes are managed. This report is a valuable tool for us when looking at how we can best work on behalf of tenants. We know that most tenants want to get their voices heard, so we will need to see what we can do to encourage greater participation."

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