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Residents’ group sees problems for new equality law

The FPRA said that the consultation paper "Discrimination Law Review – A Framework for Fairness: proposals for a Single Equality Bill" was of great interest as it believed it was right residents living in flats were treated equally and with respect.

Chapter 13 of paper on which the majority of FPRA comments were made raises the biggest concern as the legislative proposal concerning the common parts of residential premises which have almost entirely been ignored.

New FPRA Chairman and local Councillor Bob Smytherman said: "The FPRA is a non-political, not-for-profit advice and support service to hundreds of residents associations nationwide lobbying on behalf for private residential leaseholders, tenants’ and residents’ associations and residential management companies, including those companies where the leaseholders together own the freehold of their own residential block.

"Many private residential leaseholders and the residents’ associations and management companies are formed to run their residential blocks and are run by volunteers from the tenants or leaseholders who give of their time freely and it is this type of organisation on whom these new duties under this proposed legislation will fall in their role as ‘landlord and manager’.

"We are therefore calling on MPs from all parties to work with us and to minimise the burdens and complexities of any new Single Equality Act and provide clear and unambiguous advice to supplement legislation to ensure that the law that is meant to prevent discrimination does not discriminate against the very people they are trying to protect."

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