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Take control of letting your property with RentalTrader.co.uk

The primary aim of RentalTrader.co.uk is to simplify the entire process of advertising a property for rent privately, relieving property owners of the hassle of dealing with letting agents and their fees, and shopping for all the necessary certificates, insurances, etc. Customer satisfaction is a top priority.

www.RentalTrader.co.uk offers an easy-to-use interface to improve the quality of experience to potential tenants with simple search criteria, such as location, search radius, type and listing. It also offers details of the landlord, map, street view and local area facilities.

Director, Nicola Frisoli, said:

‘We were aware that there was a need for landlords to be able to advertise their properties themselves, without needing to go through letting agents and pay sometimes fairly substantial fees.  We therefore created a platform for landlords to advertise their properties free of charge, but also offering many optional services at no obligation.  With today’s hectic lifestyles, our website is a one-stop shop where landlords can take care of all their letting needs in one place.

"We have also made the site as user friendly as possible with advanced search criteria, enabling tenants to search for properties simply and efficiently.

"We are also pleased to announce that we now advertise all our properties on Globrix, the UK’s largest property search engine, driving more traffic to our site and giving the landlords a greater platform for their property advertisements at no extra cost."

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4 thoughts on “Take control of letting your property with RentalTrader.co.uk

  1. Scottavinabeer says:

    As my father used to say, there is no such thing as a free lunch. While RentalTrader (is it just me that thinks this is a terrible name) offers free advertising, if a Landlord purchases all of their additional landlord services then it will cost them a whopping £473.97 and they (the landlords) are doing all of the work themselves. RentalTrader do not offer previews of their tenancy agreements etc and I cannot see that they distinguish between Scottish legislation & that of England and Wales. I have recently been helping an English based landlord with a property in Scotland who has not fullfilled her obligations under Scottish law by using an off the shelf tenancy pack. Landlords beware.

  2. RentalTrader says:

    All of the services on offer are optional and no one is under any obligation to purchase anything from our site. The site is here to offer a free platform for Landlords to advertise their property. If they decide to purchase an additional service from us it is their choice, so there are no catches when we say advertise your property for free.

    The services on offer are there as a helpful tool for any Landlord that does not wish to to go to many different sites/contractors to purchase everything that they may need. It is all available in one place should they so wish.

    Furthermore, our terms of use (which landlords are asked to tick to confirm that they have read when they sign up with us) clearly state that the website, any content contained therein and any contract brought into being as a result of use of the website shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.

  3. RentalTrader says:

    We would also like to mention that we are not providing ‘off the shelf tenancy agreements’. Our agreements have been professionally prepared in partnership with Training For Professionals, who ensure that the agreements are up to date and in accordance with current legislation. If a landlord decides to purchase a tenancy agreement, a form is produced which requires a series of questions and information to be completed in relation to the tenancy. The landlord then completes and submits this form and a PDF wiizard generates a tenancy agreement in accordance with the information provided.

  4. Franny says:

    I think you’ll find that globrix is one of the smallest property sites in the uk (look at Alexa.com), and therefore you won’t get much

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