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Conservatives: Tenants are forgotten victims of repossessions

The party said their proposals were designed to protect the thousands of families who, under the current system, could be forced to scrabble around for housing with little notice.

The measures include:

* Immediately implementing an increased notice period (five to seven weeks) for any court repossession hearing;
* Working with lenders to consider allowing tenants to remain in the repossessed property under licence pending sale;
* Encouraging courts and lenders to allow tenants to be heard at repossession hearings;
* Asking lenders to consider extending the notice period between a repossession order being made and eviction.

Shadow Housing Minister Grant Shapps said: "With 10,000 rented properties potentially facing repossession, the resulting upheaval in tenants’ lives could be devastating for families across the country. It’s clear that tenants are the forgotten victims of repossessions.

"Today we’re calling for the Government to take up our proposals and help protect hard-working families from suddenly discovering that the roof is about to be taken away from above their heads."

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0 thoughts on “Conservatives: Tenants are forgotten victims of repossessions

  1. Kayla says:

    Thanks for a great post. I agree with you completely that “It’s clear that tenants are the forgotten victims of repossessions.”
    My sister lost her home due to repossession and proceedings had began on mine. Even though proceedings had begun the company i used were able to fulfil their promises and i am still living in my home to this day – debt free. I didnt want to uproot the kids from school, routine, friends, etc… so i just wish i had known about these back when my sister was in the same situation. I think more should be dont to protect homeowners as in current times with unemployment and the biggest rise in bills since the 80’s, it is no surprise that people are falling into financial difficulty. Especially since lending seems to be a thing of the past now it seems…. The only thing is, if it is a landlords property then it is not as simple as my situation but im sure it would still work… I used Property Rescue, http://www.propertyrescue.co.uk/stop-repossession/ and they paid cash for my home and i recieved an excellent service. Lets hope things look up for this situation.Thanks again for a quality article.