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Plan to achieve common goal of affordable housing

Both organisations were launched on 1 December 2008.


TSA Chairman Anthony Mayer said both organisations shared many of the same outcomes, and joint working would enable them to achieve these more effectively.

He said: "The two agencies have been working closely together since day one. We have put particular emphasis on responding to the challenges facing some individual housing associations as a result of the credit crunch and housing market downturn.

"Looking ahead, we will be working to achieve our shared goals of sustainable communities – ones with sufficient good-quality and well-managed affordable housing.”

HCA Chairman Robert Napier, said: "It has been clear from the start that the HCA and TSA needed to work together closely and our consultation with partners has reinforced the importance of this.

"The Memorandum is a tangible demonstration of our shared goals and commitment to work together, which will start at the top and go right through the two organisations."

The MoU, which sets out the broad principles and processes to guide the two agencies, covers open exchange of information, consultation on matters of common interest, coordinated decision making and joint responses to imminent threats and breaking crises.

The document acknowledges that the maintenance of lender confidence, constructive dialogue with Registered Providers (currently RSLs), and relationships with local government will be crucial in achieving the statutory outcomes of the two agencies.

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