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Council wins victory over student landlord

Mr Delaney Hall owns a total of 21 student properties in the Selly Oak area, some of which he owns outright and the others are owned by Abrex Ltd and SJA Properties Ltd, companies on which he serves as a director alongside his wife.

Since April 2006, there has been a requirement to licence houses of three storeys or more, occupied by 5 or more tenants, who have no family connection and share amenities such as a bathroom or kitchen.

The licence ensures that management standards and housing conditions in the private rented sector are maintained and includes requirements for basic safety including Gas, Electrical and Means of Escape from fire.

The Council had written to Mr Delaney Hall and made visits to his property on a number of occasions, advising him to licence his properties prior to starting legal proceedings. Despite considerable effort by the Licensing team he ignored advice to apply for the licences.

Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor John Lines said: “I am determined to ensure all Birmingham tenants, including students who often have to share accommodation with a number of other individuals, live in safe housing and my officers gave the landlord every opportunity to apply for a licence.

“The council has now licensed over 1400 properties and I recognise there are many good landlords in Birmingham but there is no room for landlords who fail to comply with the law and put their tenants’ lives at risk.”

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