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74% of advice line calls about tenants not paying rent

As the recession bites, a growing number of tenants are defaulting on their rent payments, leaving many landlords in a difficult position with their own mortgage repayments.

Increasingly, landlords are seeking advice on the best way to deal with tenants who have fallen behind with their rent, including the legal eviction process.

The message from the NLA Advice Line is clear: if a tenant is in financial difficulty they should talk to their landlord as soon as possible.

But it is not just non-paying tenants causing concerns; landlords contact the NLA Advice Line on a variety of issues from cannabis farms to flooded houses.

Top 5 landlord inquiries:

• What procedure do I follow, when my tenant has stopped paying rent?
• What is an Energy Performance Certificate?
• I instructed a letting agent on a "finder’s fee" only, my tenant has been there for six months, my agent now wants a fee to just do the renewal paperwork.
• How are disputes within tenancy deposit protection handled?
• Do I need a licence for my HMO (House in Multiple Occupation)?

Richard Price, Director of Operations, NLA, commenting on the increase of tenants in financial difficulty, said: "No landlord wants to serve notice on a tenant, but the reality is landlords are forced to do this when rental arrears becomes serious. The NLA Advice Line is an important source of information and ensures landlords know how to go about eviction procedures properly."

The NLA Advice Line is staffed by a team of experienced landlords with a wealth of knowledge on landlord-related questions and issues and is free to NLA members.

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