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Halt to regulation a retrograde step

“Leaseholders have the right to take some issues, such as the reasonableness of service charges, to a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) but this does not cover every situation leaseholders might find themselves in,” states David Hewett, chief executive of ARMA, “for example lack of accounting information, poor communication and failing to ‘deliver the promise’. Regulation would have provided an independent redress process for these and other matters that do not fall under the LVTs’ jurisdiction.”

As a result of the Minister’s decision ARMA will be calling for the Government to throw lessees a lifeline by legislating that all lettings and leasehold managers belong to a recognised independent ombudsman scheme.

“The mechanisms are there,” concludes Hewett. “Legislation already exists for estate agents mandatorily to  belong to an Ombudsman Scheme and there are already several recognised schemes in existence. We therefore do not see it as a big step for government but it would be an enormous step for so many lessees.”

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One thought on “Halt to regulation a retrograde step

  1. Major Landlord says:

    ARMA is in no position to lecture anyone about regulation of the rented sector. ARMA is supposedly a body that encourages best practice among its members, and claims to exercise sanctions against those who do not conform to its code of conduct. In reality, it is a bogus veneer of respectability that conceals the scandalous activities of its major members, and its complaints mechanism is a bad joke designed to wear down complaints until they go away. It exists simply to protect its members, who are the very ones who SHOULD be regulated. One of its members (un-named for legal reasons) featured heavily on TV last year for scamming pensioners in retirement homes which it “manages”. ARMA failed to do anything about this or other complaints against it. Why? Because ARMA is staffed by individuals on secondment from the very same firm!!

    Membership of ARMA is like membership of the Guild of Master Craftsmen: a badge of respectability that is bought, and means NOTHING. All they want in this instance is to burden smaller management companies with so much red tape that they are driven out of business, or pay to join ARMA.

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