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No Christmas slowdown for landlords in lettings market

While December and January have traditionally been quiet, with fewer people moving into new lettings accommodation, December 2009 is busy with tenants looking to move before the New Year, when rents are widely expected to increase further. Potential buyers continue to be cautious about committing to a purchase as house prices look set to dip further, creating additional demand for rental homes.

Phil Calderbank, Director at lettingsearch.co.uk, said: "All signs are pointing to high levels of market activity right up until Christmas itself, which is great source of seasonal cheer for lettings professionals, allowing them to cut down on void periods and in many cases achieve the best rents possible for their properties.

"Current tenants are looking to get a good deal on the rent while they can, as supply continues to shrink and rents look likely to continue on their upward path in the New Year. Buyers are also playing a waiting game, choosing the lettings market instead of sales, until mortgage lending improves.

"Such strong levels of demand at this stage in the year suggest that the lettings market is set for a year of sustained recovery and consolidation in 2010."

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One thought on “No Christmas slowdown for landlords in lettings market

  1. Martin Hamp says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your keen observations. Falling or even levelling house prices have prompted much Lettings Market activity.

    As a new lettings agent/landlord support service, Excelsior, is keenly aware of the potential market volume and hopes that many agents/landlords will continue to enjoy another year of brisk activity in 2010. It is also good to see that many agents/landlords are beginning to appreciate the significance of the Housing Act 2007 TDS law change, in particular the realisation of the protection and cost savings of outsourcing to professional inventory companies like Excelsior.

    Tenants are canny people. They are acutely aware of the market changes. This is equally true of landlords. So roll on 2010. Let us all benefit from current and, hopefully, future increases in one of the UK’s most essential markets. And lettings agents, a little insider knowledge, outsourcing inventories leaves you more time to match landlords/tenants.

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