Number of reluctant landlords falls as house prices rise

Ian Potter, operations manager of ARLA, said: "The fact that the number of reluctant landlords has dropped once again, and supported by the rise in demand for buy-to-let, suggests that movement is beginning to occur across the market.

"What remains key is that all landlords – reluctant or otherwise – are fully aware of their obligations to their tenants."

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0 thoughts on “Number of reluctant landlords falls as house prices rise

  1. Peter Rollings

    This is exactly what is happening in London however i suggest that whilst some reluctant landlords will sell in order to free up cash perhaps to move up the property ladder, there are a significant number who, whilst not particularly wanting to be landlords will remain as such because currently putting money into property is a ‘no brainer’ and there are very few other places to invest giving rental returns (income) AND capital appreciation. This is the reason why the sales market is lacking in stock currently. Getting better but only slowly.