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Millions wasted on housing benefit reforms

In the most serious cases, landlords are facing repossession because rent money which they rely on for mortgage payments does not arrive.

LHA is now contributing to a shrinking of housing supply for benefit claimants, and more pressure is being placed on social housing. As always, this will affect the most vulnerable tenants and increase homelessness. With a forecast £2.6billion being spent on LHA during 2009-10, the NLA is calling for immediate action.

Richard Price, NLA Director of Operations, said: "Landlords up and down the country need to join forces and demonstrate to Government just how much this new system is not working. If something isn’t done then landlords who currently operate in this market will be leaving in their droves and it will be the most vulnerable tenants who will be left out in the cold."

To support the NLA campaign on LHA, landlords involved in the LHA rental market should go to www.landlords.org.uk/lhapostcard

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0 thoughts on “Millions wasted on housing benefit reforms

  1. Major landlord says:

    I have been warning my council, and the people involved in implementing the LHA regime, that this would not work, ever since the idea was first mooted. But they made excuses, told me I was wrong, and pressed ahead regardless. I now only take LHA claimants if they can provide a guarantor, and I have had to turn several people away. I know many other agencies and landlords who will not touch claimants at all. Why should we all expose ourselves to unnecessary risk, when it’s already so costly and difficult to get rid of problem tenants.

    This government is full of crackpot ideas that defy all commonsense, and they always know best. This is why they will not be in power after the next election. Good riddance.

  2. John Thorpe says:

    Your correspondent is corrrect . The legislation is working against both tenant and landlord. Hazel Blears Department was at the back of most of the problems. Thank heavens she has gone.
    A way forward that might succeed in slowing the Labour government down would be to enlist the Conservative opposition and alert them to the facts. To have the whole topic raised in the House of Commons could serve to discredit the present government. Who is the Conservative Spokesperson on residential lettings ??
    I have challenged Communities and Local Government on the LHA and HM legislation at a conference in their offices and my intervention was met by a complete and stunned silence from all the assembled Local Authority, Citizens Advice and Shelter big wigs present.
    I dont think we can trust the NLA to do this for us.
    Who can take this on board ???

  3. Sandra Collins says:

    Whose ever idea this was is totallly stupid! It should be direct to the landlord it ruins for those who pay