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Tenants warned against resorting to payday loans

Landlord Assist is warning tenants not to turn to high street payday loans to maintain their rent payments.  

With demand for rented accommodation forcing rents to rise at unprecedented levels, some tenants are resorting to drastic measures to maintain a roof over their heads.  

But the nationwide tenant eviction and rent recovery firm is urging tenants not to turn to payday style loans, which typically charge high interest rates, to meet their rental commitments.

Graham Kinnear, managing director at Landlord Assist says:

“News of tenants turning to payday loans to pay the rent is extremely worrying for the industry as a whole.

“Tenants often see payday loans as an easy and credible way to borrow, especially as many don’t conduct credit checks, but the reality is that failure to repay the loan may push some into a spiral of debt and significant arrears with their landlords, which ultimately could lead to eviction proceedings.

“We urge tenants not to use payday loan companies to pay the rent and for landlords to check for signs of tenant financial difficulty.”

Stephen Parry, Commercial Director at Landlord Assist adds

“We are seeing a sharp increase in the number of tenants resorting to payday style loans to meet regular monthly rent commitments and this is worrying for all concerned.

“Tenants should first look at reducing their monthly outgoings and endeavour to pay the rent without the need for borrowing. If the tenant can no longer afford the due rent they should speak to their landlord, seek proper debt advice and support, and only turn to affordable credit from authorised credit unions.”

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